The company Mobile TeleSystems offers one of the largest GSM 900/1800 coverage areas in Moscow, the Moscow Region and other regions of Russia(for more details please visit the section Coverage map).

MTS services are available for you if your mobile service provider has a roaming agreement with MTS and you are subscribed for the roaming service. You can ascertain via Help Desk of your mobile service provider whether these conditions have been met.

MTS hopes that you will like the service in our network.

You will find the list of available networks in the menu of your mobile phone. Choose MTS network (possible names on display: MTS, MTS-RUS, RUS-MTS, RUS-01 etc., network code 25001).
We recommend you to program MTS network on your SIM card as preferable network so that in future your phone will choose MTS network automatically.

To Moscow landline numbers (including MTS subscribers with Moscow city numbers):
8495ххххххх or +7495ххххххх

To MTS “federal” numbers:
8910ххххххх or+7910ххххххх; 8916ххххххх or+7916ххххххх; 8917xxxxxxx or +7917xxxxxxx.

To Russian landline phones in other cities:
8_area code_number or +7_area code_number (in the last case the area code should not begin with “2”)

+_country code_area code_number or 810_country code_area code_number

You can obtain full information on call prices when roaming in MTS network from your mobile service provider. MTS has no information regarding the price of calls that your make when roaming in MTS network.

The following services are available to visitors in MTS network:
  • Telephony (voice transmission)
  • Data transmission (9 600 bit/s)
  • Fax transmission (group 3)
  • Data transmission (GPRS)
  • Mobile originated SMS (SMS-MO)
  • Mobile terminated SMS (SMS-MT)
  • Mobile originated MMS
  • Mobile terminated MMS
  • Call waiting/call holding
  • Call forwarding
  • Call barring
  • Calling Line Identification Presentation (CLIP)
  • Calling Line Identity Restriction (CLIR)

Furthermore you can use additional voice services, i.e. information and entertainment services.

Information in English and in Russian is available at the following numbers:

  • 0909 — On-line Inquiry (The 1st City Directory Service LLC)
  • 0630 — Unified Mobile Inquiry (Solvo International LLC)
  • 0633 — Express Inquiry (Informtel CJSC)
  • 0911 — Mobile Inquiry OSBIS (Unified Security, Information and Service System) (Moscow Rescue Service CJSC)
  • 0844 — Moscow Restaurants: “Where” Magazine Recommends (SPN Digital CJSC)

Information at these numbers is available in Russian:

  • 0656 — Weather Forecast
  • 0807 — Taxi
  • 0854 — Parterre (ticket reservation and sale)

Calls to specified “short numbers” are chargeable. You can obtain information about the price of calls to “short numbers” and the cost of all services when roaming in MTS network from your mobile service provider. MTS has no information regarding the price of calls that your make when roaming in MTS network.

The following short numbers are available to subscribers who are in the coverage area of Moscow switching systems (Moscow and the Moscow Region) when roaming in MTS network:
Rescue service 112 Free of charge (you can call this number even if you don’t have roaming subscription). Operators speak both English and Russian.
Fire Services * 01 Free of charge
Police  02 Free of charge
Emergency Medical Service 03 Free of charge
Emergency Gas Service 04 Free of charge
MTS Inquiry 0890 (from mobile phone) or (from fixed phone) +7 (495) 766-01-66 
Free of charge. Our operators speak both English and Russian.
On-line Inquiry 0909 The call is chargeable 
Services for All Occasions 0855 The call is chargeable 
Information & Service Channel OSBIS 0911 The call is chargeable 
*  In some models of phones, you must first dial “0” when calling two digital numbers, e.g. Fire Defence: 010

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