• Don't like typing SMS on the phone?
  • Want to use comfortable computer keyboard?
  • Do you need to send messages quickly and plan your message sending?

Install the "SMS/MMS from PC" Service from MTS and enjoy the comfortable and easy way to send SMS and MMS from your PC or laptop:

SMS/MMS from PC (English version 1.3)

Messaging prices

  • SMS – 1 ruble.
  • MMS – 3.5 rubles.

Prices include all applicable taxes. The price is the same for all tariff plans and roaming.
When sending messages to a recipients group, 1 recipient counts as one message.
SMS longer than 160 Latin characters or 70 Cyrillic characters is divided into several parts, and you pay for every part as for single message (1 ruble).

  • Send photo, video, and music in a single file, with automatic compression to the desired size.
  • Send messages to multiple recipients. Send messages from e-mail clients and Internet browsers.
  • Install the program on multiple computers.
  • Select your favorite Internet pictures and text fragments and send them in a single mouse right click.
  • Send SMS and MMS to recipients abroad at standard rates.
  • The recipient will see your message as usual SMS and MMS sent from the phone. The reply message will come to your mobile phone.

  • PC with Internet access.
  • Operating system: Microsoft® Windows® XP (Home or Professional), Vista, 7.
  • Browsers working with quick SMS/MMS sending bar: Internet Explorer 6.0 or 7.0, Firefox v.3 and above.
  • E-mail clients working with quick SMS/MMS sending tool: Microsoft® Outlook Express® – 5.0, 5.5 or 6.0 (Outlook Express must be installed as the default e-mail client).

  • Daily messages limit is 300 SMS and/or MMS.
  • SMS can be sent to telephone numbers of all Russian operators, MMS can be sent to telephone numbers of operators having MMS interchange agreement in place.
  • The maximum number of recipients for a single message (including groups) is 100.
  • Messages are charged based on the number of recipients: 1 recipient corresponds to 1 message.
  • The maximum length of SMS is 5,000 Latin characters or 2,500 Cyrillic characters. SMS longer than 160 Latin characters or 70 Cyrillic characters are divided into parts, each part is charged as a single message.
  • Available media file formats to be sent via MMS:
    • pictures (BMP, GIF, TIFF, JPG, JP2, PNG, MNG, SVG);
    • video (AVI, WMV, ASF, MOV, 3GP, MP4, MPEG, MKV);
    • music (WAV, MP3, AU, AMR, RAM, WMA, MMF, MID, RA, MKA, OGG).
  • Maximum size of MMS is 500 KB. MMS size depends on the capabilities of the phone model and limitations of other operators' networks. Viewing received MMS by other operators' subscribers depends only on their phone models.MMS to MTS subscribers are fully adapted to the capabilities of the receiving phone.
  • Viewing MMS in preview window depends on the codecs installed on your computer and does not affect sending.

In order to deactivate simultaneously all programs installed on a single number, please do the following:
  • Dial * 111*35#Send from your mobile phone;
  • Call MTS Contact Centre or MTS Sales Office.

    The account will be blocked automatically in the following cases:

    • The service hasn't been used for more than two months.
    • Messages daily limit exceeded – 300 SMS and/or MMS.

New account shall be created in Tools | Options | Account tab ("New Registration" button). If automatic locking occurred due to exceeding the daily messages limit, unblocking will occur automatically (next day).

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